We could tell you how great we are, but our customers do it better. Here’s what they have to say:

Maria Dixon
Maria Dixon 5.0

My technician was so helpful and knowledgeable. He fixed the issue completely and kept me informed every step of the way.

Matthew T
Matthew T 5.0

Toilet supply line cracked, and emergency shut off valve turned but wouldn't shut the water off, flooding the bathroom! Got the water main off with a wrench. Within an hour George Brazil sent Clark out who was very friendly and fast. Even hooked up ...the bidet for free. The receptionist was extremely courteous and helpful too. Would definitely recommend!Read More...

Hannah Brisso
Hannah Brisso 5.0

patricia spano
patricia spano 5.0

Pat Parker
Pat Parker 5.0

They came out and inspected my plumbing. As I knew the hot water heater needed to be replaced. Did put in all new plumbing . Did it all in one day. Expensive but I have peace of mind.

AZ Barb
AZ Barb 1.0

Do not use George Brazil. Extreme price gouging. They wanted to charge almost 500 to swap out bathroom sink faucet which we supplied! They replaced our old ac unit years ago, but they will never get any more business from us. Obscenely over ...priced.....look elsewhereRead More...

Barbara Bramble
Barbara Bramble 5.0

In a time when service excellence is a rare commodity, my experience with George Brazil was exceptional. Tom and Daniel not only took care if the issue on which I called, they also evaluated my plumbing needs and provided knowledgeable advice on ...options for my home. They were genuinely committed to my total satisfaction. Thanks to both gentlemen, and to the Company for employing such high quality individuals.Read More...

Zack Mulcahy
Zack Mulcahy 5.0

Kayla Jaynes
Kayla Jaynes 5.0

Jim Lynck
Jim Lynck 5.0

Adam was absolutly great & the updates from the office was above the normal response from other businesses

David Skyberg
David Skyberg 5.0

Great service and work and very polite/through.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 5.0

George Brazil, is good company very helpful explained very step of the job @ installing my new hot water heater they where there on time completed the job on time good quality work i would recommend them to anyone

Michael Miller
Michael Miller 5.0

Sheldon Payne
Sheldon Payne 5.0

paula york
paula york 5.0

Excellent job! Excellent customer service! This was our first time using George Brazil plumbing services. (We use them for AC) Adam and his assistant were so informative, friendly and patient. It was 10:00 at night and the repair was outside with minimal ...lighting but, they managed to get the job done without any problems. I would highly recommend their services.Read More...

Vito Coletto
Vito Coletto 5.0

Trenni Martinez
Trenni Martinez 1.0

Had to get an emergency fix on a shower leak that required the entire house to have water off. I provided the parts and it took less than two hours. Almost $1000 for this service. If service was after 7pm it added an extra $125 and of course tech came at ...7pm exactly. Had to get water restored so you got me. Congrats. Tech was pleasant and did a good job. It's all about the value.Read More...

Carlos Prieto
Carlos Prieto 5.0

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely recommend 5 stars.

Patricia 5.0

Very knowledgeable and professionally did a good job. Very satisfying with the service and very reasonable price for the job that was done. Thumbs up !

Cynthia Vega
Cynthia Vega 5.0

Brad and David did a great job, they were honest about everything.... explained everything why, how and prices ( we all know how that $$ works 😅😅), very professional, I really like the services and the two people that they sent... thank you guys ...for being great!!!!!Read More...

Danny Uyematsu
Danny Uyematsu 5.0

Donna Gerard
Donna Gerard 1.0

I had a new hot water heater installed 3/8/16 at my residence. It cost $1,487.82. I was told with my membership discount, it would be covered with warrantee for 6 years. In October of 2019 it blew up and I had to call them to fix it. Then I was ...handed a bill for $380.95. I asked about the warrantee and was told the charge was for labor. In January of 2020 the tank blew up again. I called G Brazil and was quoted an amount of more than $800.00. I asked what happened to the warrantee and was told the tank would be replaced (at their loss) but the labor to replace it would be almost $900.00. I was outraged and told them I would not do business with their company again. So I called Lawson Family Plumbing and they replaced the tank for $1,083.73. This was done with a warrantee of 6 years and would include the service. Be careful who you call for your plumbing services.Read More...

George Kruk
George Kruk 5.0

Edward Keyser
Edward Keyser 5.0

Geana Bielenda
Geana Bielenda 5.0

Judi Baldridge
Judi Baldridge 5.0

I’ve used George Brazil for plumbing, electrical, and heating/AC for over 20 years. Always have a fantastic experience with them and recommend them to everyone I meet.

Herb Genung
Herb Genung 5.0

Coy is always on time, completes his service promptly, checks out all plumbing and is knowledgeable on all our needs! HDG

michael stafford
michael stafford 5.0

Excellent service ! Excellent work.

John Gallup
John Gallup 5.0

Always professional and a job well done. Jesse thank you.

Elena Sibley
Elena Sibley 5.0

Tony V. has completed several projects for me and is an excellent electrician. Courteous and does clean work.

Scott Burckhard
Scott Burckhard 5.0

Randy Bridge
Randy Bridge 5.0

Dwayne H was very professional courteous. Friendly. He did excellent work. I would use them again and recommend them to a friend.

Barry Kimmons
Barry Kimmons 5.0

Donny provided excellent customer service. Donny was very engaging, technically proficient, and took the time to explain the causes that damage garbage disposals. Finally, Donny was very helpful in explaining ways to maintain our garbage disposal to ...operate for years. I highly recommend his services and will request Donny for future service calls.Read More...

Matt Lorey
Matt Lorey 5.0

Michelle Kuykendall
Michelle Kuykendall 5.0

We were having issues with our lights flickering in 4 of our rooms in our home. I called George Brazil, and they sent someone out a day later. Gabriel came to the door, introduced himself, and after doing so, asked where I would like him to stop and put ...on his booties. Which floored me because a lot of service people don't care about things like that. With 4 kids who has time to worry about booties...lol.. I also looked outside and he even put down his own doormat, that was pretty nice, not necessary, but very polite, again no other company has done this before. Gabriel was very polite, and professional. He worked very hard on trying to fix the issue but unless he climbed up in my attic there was nothing more they could do. Having just paid our bills put me on a limit of course, but he did leave reassuring me that I don't have to worry about any fires that I thought was possible. It's an inconvenience to still have the flickering lights, but at least with the work he did do by changing out old stuff for new stuff and making sure it was done correctly, I felt confident when he left. We will be calling them again. I liked how professional Gabriel was, how he left me feeling confident that my family was safe, and the time he took to look at everything he could, to help fix the issue. He also explained in detail what things I needed to get get done soon in our home, to keep it updated and safe. Not once did I feel pressured to buy or do anything. I would recommend them definitely.Read More...

Peter DeQuilettes
Peter DeQuilettes 5.0

It was friendly and informative and was very very nice pleasure to have him in our home he was quick and efficient and knew what he was doing thank you Chris for your help sincerely Peter

chase muschong
chase muschong 1.0

I called to see if the dryer electrical line was giving the proper amount due to a weak dryer. Anees Beba ripped out the hot water circuit breaker and said that I should replace the whole box and breakers for $4,432.85. I had to talk him down to $156.67 ...to "Troubleshoot the Main Breaker Utility Feed".Read More...

Deana Manning
Deana Manning 5.0

Susan Patch
Susan Patch 5.0

Alec came out to give me an estimate regarding electrical work to connect a washer/dresser. The office called to see if today was a good day for Alex to come here vs tomorrow. Which was better for me. Was told he would be here within an hour which he ...was. He even called when he was five minutes away which was great. I found Alec to be very professional and willing to answer all my questions in a courteous manner. I was impressed with his knowledge regarding the wiring in and out of the electrical box, and he was extremely great explaining everything to me. I will rate Alec a ten because he just did not give me a cut and dry estimate. The estimate details went above and beyond what would be expected. Very detailed and easily understood. There are a few things on my end that I need to figure out plus the plumber will be here tomorrow to explain what needs to me done there and hopefully by the end of the week I will give the okay to start the work.Read More...

Dora Cardenas
Dora Cardenas 5.0

Charles Routh
Charles Routh 5.0

Andrea M.
Andrea M. 5.0

Brian Richardson
Brian Richardson 5.0

Ryan Martinson
Ryan Martinson 5.0

Charles Newman
Charles Newman 5.0

Shane was very professional and throughly investigated the problem.

Barbara Baca
Barbara Baca 5.0

I had an emergency situation in which the main water had to be turned-off. Within a few hours George Brazil's team was there to remedy the crisis. Adam and his partner explained each process. They were very professional in their dress, mannerism, and ...ability. Although, pricey, I would highly recommend them because the quality of work is worth the price.Read More...

Vlad Shimansky
Vlad Shimansky 5.0

Kris provided excellent and quality service. Replaced our water softener and made sure to answer any questions I had about it. Great experience overall.

Mary Doyle
Mary Doyle 5.0

Technician on time; completed work to our satisfaction and in a timely manner. Knowledgeable, personable, and provided clear, accurate and concise explanation of work done.

Mary Price
Mary Price 5.0

Mike S. was a very patient employee, since we had to move several items for him to do his job. He was very knowledgeable and the most helpful about our situation. Great service is what he provided. Thank you for all you help Mike. If you need plumbing ...service ask for Mike S. At George Brazil.Read More...

Paul Saab
Paul Saab 5.0

When Anees arrived, he was right on time and wearing a genuine smile. We visited briefly before exploring our electrical options. Not only was Anees well-spoken and polite, the information he provided me with (as far as options are concerned) was not ...only informational, it was honest. He took the time to explain every step it would take to get our new washer/dryer running, with no worry about electrical issues on our end. Once the work began, the patience and attention to detail Anees displayed was something very rarely seen. I couldn't be more satisfied with the job Anees and his apprentice completed. I would highly recommend Aneess to anyone I know, as he immediately built a rapport, had tremendous customer interaction, and was the dictionary definition of a professional. Thanks again to Anees, and George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical.Read More...

Shannon Bertrand
Shannon Bertrand 1.0

I have been a customer of George Brazil for years. For the first time ever, I experienced terrible service. The man that came was not nice at all. Terrible communication! Wanted to charge over $200 just to move my dishwasher to look behind it. When I ...asked why, he has no reasonable explanation. It was pathetic! Never again George Brazil!Read More...

Don Kassel
Don Kassel 1.0

It's been my pleasure to have used George Brazil's services on several occasions. The experience is always a pleasant one. The service providers always take their time and do excellent work. They are pleasant and kind to their customers making sure they ...meet all of their desires. I especially wish to commend Plumbing Technician, Ernesto Jimenez for his outstanding work and attention to detail. I look forward to working with George Brazil again in the future if the need arises. Once again thank all of you for taking care of my needs. Way to go!!!Read More...

Marsha Smith
Marsha Smith 5.0

Saadi Town
Saadi Town 5.0

Alec, was very professional. He shared options and did exactly what the customer wanted based in the options he provided. I was extremely satisfied with his work and would highly recommend him and use him for my future electrical needs!!! Thank you Alec ...G.Read More...

A B 5.0

Matt did a superb job that was tenaciously thorough.

Mary Bisson
Mary Bisson 5.0

Very knowledgeable and willing to explain what is being done. Have had no issues with any of their service.

Edgar Balbuena
Edgar Balbuena 5.0

Colleen Kirchner
Colleen Kirchner 5.0

Alex seemed knowledgeable. Good communication from the company about arrival time. He took the time to explain what was going on. Wasn't pushy about repairs.

Denise McBride
Denise McBride 5.0

Donna Buchholz
Donna Buchholz 5.0

Desiree van Egmond
Desiree van Egmond 5.0

Erkki Rusanen
Erkki Rusanen 5.0

karen gamble
karen gamble 5.0

Zachery was very patient and helpful with Michael. He was also very thorough is his work and would stop if I had a question or comment.

Charlene Armold
Charlene Armold 3.0

In the past most of your service has been fine, however, I called because our ac/heater unit leaks around it whenever it rains and the water leaks down into our house. This will be the third time a technician has come out to fix the same problem. The ...person I spoke to on the phone today was impatient and rude. I am not liking the direction your service seems to be going.Read More...

Chet S. Ross
Chet S. Ross 5.0

Kris installed a tankless hot water heater. He was very knowledgeable,, courteous and did a first rate job.

Jade Gable
Jade Gable 5.0

Very dependable and able to do immediate repairs.

Steve Desdier
Steve Desdier 5.0

Tom was professional and courteous, new exactly what needed to be done and took care of the tub plumbing. Done right the 1st time, now I can finish our bath remodel

Tryon Noble
Tryon Noble 5.0

We wanted to especially commend Thomas Keane for his professionalism, very competent work, and dedication to solving our plumbing needs. He went above and beyond our expectations and worked dillegently until the work was completed. We will certainly ...call George Brazil for any future plumbing needs. Hopefully, we might get Thomas again. Thank you.Read More...

Kevin Johnston
Kevin Johnston 1.0

Tech came out and told my wife that we needed to replace the entire pipe from my meter to my house without even looking at the problem. Quoted her $2000- $6500 to do the job. I came home from work dug a hole, found the leak and had it repaired for ...$166.00. I feel the price was a combination The tech not wanting to dig and him taking advantage of a house wife.Read More...

Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson 5.0

Great experience w/ a great technician!

Patti Reeves
Patti Reeves 5.0

Wendy Beth Glass
Wendy Beth Glass 1.0

I am very shocked and disturbed. They came out to my townhome to fix a few bulb issues I had and then got me to spend 140.00 to tell me what is wrong with the rest of my house. Then looks at my electrical panel and automatically says it is bad because ...of the brand. Just because the brand installed isn't a favorite they automatically think something is wrong or going to happen. I asked my neighbor if she had her original electrical panel and she said yes. Then I get a call saying well you know your panel and that is when I called back and told Mark my concerns and also you don't know if something is bad if you don't take close look. I wish I never paid 140.00 for the membership and I wish I could get it returned back. I will never use them again they rank right up there with another company. Just because it isn't bad favorite to some that DOESN'T mean that something will go wrong.Read More...

Melissa Flett
Melissa Flett 5.0

After suspecting we had a leak we called our home warranty company and they sent out a company(Anytime Home Services). Without getting to much into it we were unhappy with there service, or lack of. We called George Brazil and they came out same day. ...They gave us a quote and we scheduled them to come out Monday to fix the problem. Brad and Dave showed up and were very professional. the leak did not end up being where the previous company said it was and they had to call the leak locator back to find where the leak was. They said he would not be here for several hours and assured us they would hang around the area so they could be there when he arrived. They said they may need to be here until midnight but that they would get us up and running today. Brad explained everything throughout the day. Once they finally located the leak it did not take anytime to fix They cleaned up covered the holes they made to access the pipes and recommended someone to fix them. I see many reviews that say they are expensive compared to other companies. They were a little more than the previous company but I think their outstanding customer service and professionalism were well wort it.Read More...

Yvonne Owens
Yvonne Owens 5.0

Patt Nelson
Patt Nelson 5.0

Estimate was mid range, but the service, knowledge and work ethic of Alec was well worth it. He explained every detail and answered all of my questions. He also ensures that the orientation of the rectiple matched our RVs cable. Would definitely ...recommend George Brazil to anyone who needs electrical service. Thanks again.Read More...

Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson 5.0

Karl Hutchinson
Karl Hutchinson 5.0

christopher schmidt
christopher schmidt 5.0

Lisa Sutter
Lisa Sutter 5.0

I was in a real pickle with my R/O System, and when other plumbing companies came up with reasons why they couldn't help, George Brazil asked how CAN we help? They were great thoughout my whole experience. The dispatcher Christine was sympathetic and ...understanding, and the technician DJ was knowledgable helpful and didn't leave until everything was just right. I have true piece of mind now that everything is fixed and I won't wake up to the sound of running water! Thank you to everyone at George Brazil from dispatching to repair to parts runner. They truly still understand the meaning of customer service and a job done right.Read More...

V Watson
V Watson 5.0

I would give Rinalldo Garza a 10. Very knowledgeable and pleasant gentleman. He offered tips on plumbing care and suggested a couple of items that we may want to replace in the near future. I would give George Brazil an outstanding rating from the ...point I set up my appointment with the scheduling associate as well as the communications up until the appointment (text, phone call confirmation, as well as electronic invoice). The plumbing drain specialist was punctual and took care of our issues. As a result, I will recommend your company as well as Mr. Garza to my family, friends, and associates should they ever need plumbing performed. Thank you.Read More...

Robert Miller
Robert Miller 5.0

michael wallace
michael wallace 5.0

The service was great. Fast, friendly, and informative. Kris went the extra mile to make sure things were done well into the evening.

Sharon Barlow
Sharon Barlow 5.0

Tony was very profession. He kept me posted on everything he was doing. He did an excellent job with my electrical problem. They kept me informed of his arrival time and sent me a picture of Tony . I would reccomend George Brazil to anyone.

Paula Doerr
Paula Doerr 5.0

Very helpful. Johnny answered a lot of questions and did an excellent job.

Jonathan Livingston
Jonathan Livingston 5.0

A+ service which is usual from George Brazil.

Lorah Neville
Lorah Neville 5.0

Tom Helwick
Tom Helwick 5.0

Penny Fay
Penny Fay 5.0

Rebecca OConnor
Rebecca OConnor 5.0

Nicole 2.0

Price gougers. They will rob you blind. I got charged $800 for an electrical outlet to be installed. The 2 stars is because the technician did a fine job but the price is beyond ridiculous and my friend that is an electrician said what they charged me ...was beyond ridiculous. I do not trust this company!!!Read More...

Alex L
Alex L 1.0

Rob C
Rob C 5.0

Very professional, and fixed what the other bargain electrician broke. I should have went with them in the first place.

Socorro M
Socorro M 5.0

Gregory Preston
Gregory Preston 5.0

George Brazil plumbing and electric are fantastic! I had a problem with my Ford Fusion Energi electric charging cable. It burned my GCFI electrical outlet and could have caused a fire. As soon as we discovered this issue we called a professional to help ...us so that we remain safe. George Brazil sent technician Zachary Nilles who did a fantastic job of installing a new outlet to replace the one that was burned and also installing a dedicated outlet on a dedicated circuit so that we would have no further problems. I read on Google that lots of people with electric vehicles are having these types of problems, with charging cables and outlets, so I was very happy to have a professional like Zachary fix the problem properly. It was well worth the money and peace of mind. Thank you George Brazil plumbing and electric for a job well done! My family appreciates you. George Brazil was prompt, professional, communicative during the entire engagement which I very much appreciated. Nice job!Read More...

Linus De Ocampo
Linus De Ocampo 5.0

Nora Ivie
Nora Ivie 5.0

he was great explained everything very nice thank you

Sasheen Allen
Sasheen Allen 4.0

Bruce weinsoff
Bruce weinsoff 5.0

Daniel Valdez repaired water leak between street meter to home; exhibited exceptional knowledge about this specific repair & worked with owner to minimize cost! Daniel was very professional and his work ethic was outstanding; customer satisfaction was ...his main goal & it showed! Kudos & thanks to Daniel! BAWRead More...

John Wright
John Wright 5.0

jill aeyfferle
jill aeyfferle 5.0

Mike S-- was very helpful. Explained everything to my son and me. My son was more familiar than I for a lot of the problems. Good workl. He was at my house for bout 2 hrs. Sunday eve. I think I have the correct person.