We could tell you how great we are, but our customers do it better. Here’s what they have to say:

M A R A N D A 5.0

Francisco and Salvador are true professionals! I needed some electrical work done in my newly built home to hang two 25 inch chandeliers over my custom built (12ft × 4ft) table. Francisco arrived when dispatch said he would arrive. He greeted me at the ...door and introduced himself. He asked what services I needed, did a survey of my home and presented (3) options. He also asked if I had any additional needs. I told him I had several light switches that I did not know what they were for. He was able to locate the outlets for each switch. Once I selected my option, Francisco went right to work. Eventually Salvador joined Francisco to assist in pulling the wiring. They ran into an issue where the builder of my home had horizontal 2 x 4s blocking the ability to run wire but Salvador came up with a quick solution to have remote control lighting. When they completed the work they cleaned the area and moved the table back in place. I was so impressed, I then asked if they could hang two additional pendant lights in my kitchen and without hesitation they did respond, "Yes". Francisco and Salvador were courteous and gave me peace of mind. This was my first time using George Brazil and I will definitely use them again for my electrical needs.Read More...

JR Trevas
JR Trevas 5.0

Brad found the dishwasher leak and made certain that the dishwasher was out of the way afterwards

ALEX Newton
ALEX Newton 5.0

They came out the same day I called. They didn't charge me extra for living in the far east valley (thank you!). I had the part needed for my 18 year old furnace the next day and had it fixed. Profesional, friendly, and kept their word in all of our ...dealings.Read More...

Thomas E Tuoti
Thomas E Tuoti 1.0

I just sent away one of your agents, Lance, who visited my home in Mesa. My partner Victoria and I purchased a had installed a unit through George Brazil several years ago, so when we decided it was time for a duct cleaning, we decided to call GB. What ...a shame to have a representative show up, during the timeframe but without a headsup phonecall, without any idea of why he'd been called out. Visibly annoyed that he had been called out for an estimate, he took his time going back to his vehicle for his tablet and then, when I asked for clarification on the price and what was involved with the job, he became frustrated with me and told me it was a lot of work. At this point, I had my reservations, but asked him if he could send me the estimate in an email for my reference. He shrugged, as if he supposed it was possible, and then spent several minutes before he had arranged to send me a screenshot of the PDF he was referencing. I do understand that it's a difficult job and the value of difficult work. I hope you will begin to communicate to your agents that regardless of how difficult a job it, it is reasonable to be expected to communicate what any estimated job involves. As for me, I think I will continue to shop around for a business that can show up demonstrably prepared.Read More...

Bob Seiter
Bob Seiter 5.0
Todd Flora
Todd Flora 5.0

Jacob did outstanding work and was very professional. Knowledgeable and efficient and friendly. Great job!!

Mike Espinoza
Mike Espinoza 5.0

George Brazil continues provide high quality plumbing and electrical services. My safety and a peace of mind assurance that my home is professionally repaired in all aspects. I want to commend the entire support staff and the magnificent technicians ...for all these years and moving forward. I want to thank , Kyle tsosie for his expertise and the excellent customer service skills. The repairs were done in a timely manner and they look fantastic! Thank you so much! Michel EspinozaRead More...

Eric Chudzik
Eric Chudzik 5.0

The people there are amazing!

Harry Adamson
Harry Adamson 5.0
kristina hoard
kristina hoard 1.0

I would not use any plumbers that tailgate cars. Sign of low intelligence.