We could tell you how great we are, but our customers do it better. Here’s what they have to say:

De Horstman
De Horstman 5.0

Both electrical and plumbing associates came to do assessment on my house. They gave me information on the the areas of my house that needed repairs. They helped me prioritize the areas that are most important. They were efficient and friendly. They ...even made friends with my dogs which lessened the stress of the inspection. Their courteous treatment was what I expected from George Brazil. I hope to get all my work done as I can afford it. They also offered an attractive financing offer that received even more stress. I was very pleased with both technicians that came to my house. Thank you De HorstmanRead More...

Troy Hass
Troy Hass 5.0

Joseph Collazo
Joseph Collazo 5.0

JD was the technician to come replace my water heater he did an excellent job great service very friendly and made me feel at ease thanks again DJ

Kaylee Cantrell
Kaylee Cantrell 5.0

leinyssa barahona
leinyssa barahona 5.0

Robert Ewles
Robert Ewles 5.0

George Brazil was very responsive and was able to send a technician to assist very quickly. Scott Pazdon was the technician assigned and he did a great job resolving my electrical issues. Scott was extremely knowledgeable and quick to identify the ...problem and make corrections. I would highly recommend George Brazil and Scott specifically for any future electrical needs. I also really liked that technician profile was shared in advance and I could track his arrival.Read More...

Marilyn Giglio
Marilyn Giglio 4.0

Mark Badolato
Mark Badolato 5.0

We needed valves under the kitchen sink replaced so that we could have a new dishwasher put in. We also needed the faucet replaced since the old one was trashed. We've known that all of the valves in the house were in terrible shape (15+ years old) and ...needed to be replaced. So, we decided to do it all at once. David and Brad came out and completed the work for us immediately. They were professional, thorough, and did an amazing jobRead More...

Shelley Rogers
Shelley Rogers 5.0

Outstanding!! I'm a realtor and investor, and I've done A LOT of business with plumbers around the Phoenix area. George Brazil Plumbing, specifically tech Scottin M., was super responsive and absolutely tenacious in solving a very concerning and dirty ...sewage matter in one of my investment properties. He was professional and had exactly the right amout of confidence and know-how. They were able to respond within a few hours, which is amazing for an emergency call. SM DID NOT STOP til he solved the problem! George Brazil will now be my go-to plumbing company in The Valley! Kuddos for a job well done!!Read More...

Barbara Aloi
Barbara Aloi 5.0

Called up for a slab leak at 12:10pm and a tech was dispatched by 12:58. Our Tech Duane arrived at 1:35 and went right to work. While breaking out the concrete he took measures to make sure that the rest of the home did not get the dust. He had a ...little issue with the repair due to its location but he never gave up. After repair was completed Duane made sure that all faucets in the home were operating correctly.(4 bathrooms, laundry and kitchen) The kitchen seemed to get the brunt of the the debris and he spent quality time to get this cleared. After the job was completed he went ahead and swept up the work area and dusted all of my shelves and counters. Overall from the initial phone call to the final transaction the service was A+.Read More...

Mike Sander
Mike Sander 1.0

I would highly recommend using a different plumbing service. The work that was done was fine but their price is outrageous. They charge a dispatch fee just to come out where they will then give you their "upfront pricing". I will almost guarantee they ...will not give you a quote or estimate on common repairs over the phone. I live in a condo and the neighbor below me had water leaking from my unit into her ceiling. We believed it was from somewhere in my master bathroom. All the demo work had already been completed to her ceiling and all pipes were already exposed. I contacted George Brazil to come out and find out where the leak was and make repair. When they arrived they told me there would be an "investigation fee" of $225. The investigation consisted of me running my shower for about one minute and noticing no leak. I then flushed my toilet 2 times and we discovered that was where the leak was coming from. It took less than 5 minutes to "investigate" the leak and included no tearing out sheet rock or anything as I said all demo work had been done and ceiling was fully exposed already. They then quoted me the cost to have the repair done to my toilet which would be over $1,000 dollars including this investigation fee. I had to have the work done today as I am leaving town and did not want to leave my neighbor below in a bad spot with her ceiling torn apart. The actual toilet repair took one hour and ten minutes. The plumber lifted the toilet, replaced the flange, replaced the wax seal, and reset the toilet. The average cost for this according to different internet pricing and plumbers I have talked to would be maybe $250-$300 max with all parts and labor for professional installation. The parts alone are less than $50 and the plumber was at my residence for less than 2 hours. I was able to get the "investigation fee" waived so my grand total was $840 to do less than two hours of work. To be fully transparent, I agreed to what the cost would be upfront because as I said I needed the work done and did not want to leave my neighbor hanging. After investigating what the cost should have been and how ridiculously out of line this pricing was, I contacted them to see if there was anything they could do. They were no help. The work that was done was fine but their pricing is outrageous so I would highly highly highly suggest finding a different plumber to do your work. Maybe Parker and Sons or possibly a smaller mom and pop shop as well. Definitely find someone who will give you an estimate before coming to your place and some sort of price range before they charge you $70 just to drive out and drop a crazy price on you when they have you in a tight spot. Good luck and I hope your experience is better than mine! I definitely would not use George Brazil though. I wish I could give them zero stars.Read More...

Da Saguaro
Da Saguaro 5.0

madison bailey
madison bailey 5.0

If you ever need electrical work, an honest opinion & a super friendly + professional guy, than Scott Pazdon is the one for you! I highly recommend you request him. We had him today and I am so glad to have had him come!! Thank you Scott!!!

Super Reviewer Vanitysocialite
Super Reviewer Vanitysocialite 5.0

I had a nice and thorough tech!

Susanne Kramperth
Susanne Kramperth 2.0

Response time was excellent as my AC was not cooling. The techinician was polite and helpful in answering all my questions. I did not go with them as their price to replace the unit was much higher than all the rest.

Stephanie Demogenes
Stephanie Demogenes 5.0

My experience with George Brazil was excellent due to the nature of the services performed by Tom! His vast knowledge of plumbing while resolving our issues was phenomenal. He was meticulous and his performance was exceptional. He took his time doing the ...work and he ensured that the area was spotless when he was done. He provided outstanding customer service and I will only use Tom for any future needs. At a time when overall service is lacking, Tom went above and beyond! He needs to be rewarded and recognized for his efforts, work ethic, customer service and professionalism! I highly recommend Tom and as a result of his efforts alone, I highly recommend George Brazil as a company that knows and fosters talent.Read More...

jason bentzel
jason bentzel 5.0

DJ was on time, personal and extremely professional.. He did an excellent job and kept me informed during every step of the process.. I highly recommend their services!!

Peter C
Peter C 5.0

Emergency Labor day call out, because the previous job finished early they arrived before the after hours cut off so the extra fee was waived, Mike is obviously a very seasoned and experienced plummer, sorted the problem in no time at all. Excellent ...service.Read More...

Pamela Campbell
Pamela Campbell 5.0

At 9pm while giving my little one a bath the handle in the tub (what everyone called stripped) preventing me from turning off the tin water. We had to shut off the water to house and call a plumber. I called George Brazil and the after hours operator ...patched me through to a technician right away, Brad. He said he was on his way and arrived in the timeframe he gave me, which was very quick for late at night. Within the hour he had our problem resolved. Brad was extremely professional, helpful and considerate as my 10 year old stepson slept through the entire thing in the room next door, lol. He was also upfront when it came to the pricing regarding the part and labor and there were no surprises as the end. We plan to have a water softener installed by the end of the year and will definitely be calling Brad to have him to do that as well.Read More...

Arizona Business League
Arizona Business League 1.0

Darcy Pottle
Darcy Pottle 5.0

once again George Brazil team took care of all issues...

Linda Magann
Linda Magann 5.0

Brad answered all our questions, he explained everything that needed to be done. He came with a mask, observed all social distancing. He did a great job for us & we would highly recommend Brad & George Brazil Plumbing.

James E
James E 1.0

Worst company ever in the state of Arizona! I bought a service contract with George Brazil They performed one service they still owed me another service they have canceled on me twice! I have called them two days prior to them canceling to reaffirm my ...appointment and they assured me they would be out and they waited to the very last minute to cancel! Never never never never use this company due to the worst company in the state of Arizona they lie they cheat they steal do not trust them very dishonorable beware of this company do not use them you do so at your own riskRead More...

Jill Abrahamian
Jill Abrahamian 5.0

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 5.0

Mike Sabah
Mike Sabah 5.0

Very nice plumbing company to work for

Kelsey Hoff
Kelsey Hoff 5.0

I initially called to have what I thought was a leak under my floorboard/carpet looked at and fixed. Upon arrival, Brad inspected the leak and soon realized it was an AC problem and had nothing to do with the piping. Instead of just leaving, charging me ...a trip charge and informing me to call an AC company, he mentioned that it would be wise to think about a maintenance plan. I agreed and thank goodness he was able to inspect my water heater because we were literally only days away from a potential problem.. that’s how bad it was. Although I was not expecting to incur such a large investment, he talked me through the process and I really felt like he had my best interest in mind the ENTIRE time. Not only do I love this company and will use them again, but it felt really good to know that Brad was genuine in his approach from start to finish.Read More...

Robert Beck
Robert Beck 5.0

Dave Kennedy
Dave Kennedy 5.0

I have nothing but great things to say about this company. Exceptionally professional and great workmanship are the top two but I could go on and on. We had a hot water supply line spring a leak which flooded our bathroom and hallway before we shut the ...water off. The first plumber that came out said they needed to tear up the floor and wall to get to the leak. The technician from George Brazil said that wasn't necessary. He quickly found the leak and bypassed it with a minimum amount of disturbance to the house. We want to especially single him out for his amazing work. His name was Coy and he was great to work with. Not only was he very professional but also extremely knowledgeable in what he did. The most impressive thing though was that he wore a mask, gloves and booties the entire time to protect our family from Covid-19. This was important since our 90-year old father lives with us. Thank you so much Coy for enduring the mask in 108 degree heat and for being so friendly and helpful during a difficult time. You're awesome!Read More...

John C
John C 1.0

I had george brazil come out to clean out my lines outside due a clogging incident. They sent a technician out named Jesse, he came out cleared the clog and reported that sewer line was broken and i need to have it repaired as soon as possible and gave ...me a estimate of $8000. And reported this a good price because he cut me a deal because of pandemic. I had Diamondback plumbing come out and scoped and they said the was a belly in line and could repair it for $3000.00 if i wanted too. It was not a necessity. Diamondback repaired in It 1 day. If george brazil sends out a repairman named jesse run and get second opinion. He is trying to rip u off.Read More...

Andrew A
Andrew A 5.0

Got quotes for a few things around our home. They were so polite and professional. I can’t thank them enough for their time .

John Furman
John Furman 5.0

Great job! On time and on budget under difficult weather conditions.

Abe Cardona
Abe Cardona 5.0

2 years ago Excellent, Ted is awesome person, very professional. Thank you so much. Abe cardona 12/18/2020 Plumber arrived to check for the bathroom bowl leaking. He make some adjustment and he didn't charge me. I really appreciate for the ...professionalism and honesty. I will highly recommend George Brazil. I will continue using them for plumbing, Air conditioning and electrical work. Thank you again. Abe CardonaRead More...

Steve Loomis
Steve Loomis 5.0

Our service tech was fantastic ! Clean, courteous and knowledgeable to say the least. I would definitely recommend them!

Scott Duemler
Scott Duemler 5.0

Very professional, clean, hard working on new ac unit.

Ernesto Marin
Ernesto Marin 5.0

Installed new ac unit.Stephan and crew did a great job. Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Showed up on time and worked fast. Good job Stephan.

Ronald Griffith
Ronald Griffith 5.0

Anees was very professional and listened to my account of the events that transpired that led to the breaker tripping.

Betty Mucha
Betty Mucha 5.0

Jason Ream did our annual plumbing inspection...exceptional young man. He installed a new anode rod into the hot water heater, after draining the tank. He then inspected thoroughly all the other plumbing inside and outside of our home.

gerda van der linden
gerda van der linden 5.0

I am so happy with the same day service. Very professional and knowledgeable. Appreciate having hot water again!

Jackie Stowe
Jackie Stowe 5.0

Shawne was incredible to work with! We had water coming out from under the tile, in our closet, everywhere!. He troubleshot the problem and eventually found the leak! After jackhammering through the concrete what we thought was a slab leak turned out to ...be bad plumbing line underneath the shower. He communicated everything to us, was respectful and cleaned up a huge mess! I would highly recommend Shawne!!!Read More...

Bruce Nally
Bruce Nally 5.0

Zack was very friendly and professional did our plumbing inspection and recommended a preventive fix. It was a good call he did the repair quickly. I like being pro active and not reactive when it would cost ten times more. Good job Zack Nick was ...here and flushed my water heater. Replaced the ionizing rod. Ready to go for another year. The Brazil team are friendly, working especially safe due to this virus. Trucks are well stocked with parts. Good job Nick and thanks.Read More...

Anthony Lee Melrose
Anthony Lee Melrose 5.0

Overall experience was great, Aneese is awesome to work with!

Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 1.0

I had an ac unit go out and needed to have it replaced. The rep tried to sell me a 12K unit/plan which is way more than I was comfortable spending. After getting the cost down to 8K which I thought was more reasonable, I agreed to the terms. What I ...didn't realize is George Brazil sold me on replacing my air handler in the attic as well even though there was nothing ever diagnosed being wrong with it. The AC unit replacement was all I needed which would have cost me much less than what they lead me to believe I needed. I will never use this company ever again.Read More...

Charles Henderson
Charles Henderson 5.0

Jason R fixed our bathroom shut off values and replaces our faucets, he was on time efficient, professional, and his people skills were outstanding. All of George brazil's tech are top notch but Jason R is way above top notch. what a impressive young ...man. he is truly a 5 Star EmployeeRead More...

Aaron D
Aaron D 5.0

Ernesto was great!

Sandy Kramer
Sandy Kramer 5.0

At 1:00 in the morning, Ernesto promptly came to my house promptly and quickly took care of my plumbing problem.

Geoff Obermeier
Geoff Obermeier 5.0

My overflow was plugged and water was seeping through the wall. I had purchased a Service warranty and they came out same day (117 BTW)and when I tried to pay the fee he asked what service I was in and said you owe nothing thanks for your service. He was ...also a Marine. Thank you!!! GeoffRead More...

Lee Norris
Lee Norris 1.0

I have had nothing but problems with this company, their lack of concern and follow through is terrible

Richard Engles
Richard Engles 1.0

I have been a platinum lifetime member for the last 15 years with this company. Ever since they sold the divisions it has gone way down hill I had both plumbing and electric out a few weeks back for my annual inspections. The electrician quoted me some ...prices for gfi and to replace a ac outlet no problem except he quoted me the wrong price and I didn't find out until the work was done not professional but OK. The plumber was a complete disaster he wouldn't even touch my running toilet and gave me a line "we don't stock parts for those toilets and you will have to buy the part yourself and then have us come back out to install it @395$ and we do not warranty the work like what? He then tells me he will send me a email with the estimates and for some other work that I needed done never received it most unprofessional company and experience I have ever had with this company would not recommend and will never use again! The AC department of George Brazil is great you know why because they aren't apart of this company anymore for good reason!Read More...

M D 5.0

Alan Webb
Alan Webb 5.0

Job done very well and service tech professional, pleasant and very able to perform and complete all jobs performed.

james smith
james smith 5.0

Deirdre Jackson
Deirdre Jackson 5.0

Great job, short wait time

ray amman
ray amman 5.0

Brian Derrick
Brian Derrick 5.0

We had a plumbing urgent issue (not an emergency, but still pressing) our water pressure kept dropping to nothing randomly and sometimes just completely stopping. They scheduled is quickly, were prompt, and diagnosed the issue right away and had it fixed ...within a free hours. They work they did was better than necessary, they added a few little bells and whistles while plumbing a new fixture and checked everything while there. I've never used George Brazil before, but I will always use them in the future. 10/10!Read More...

Roxy Schuyler
Roxy Schuyler 5.0

Had a rubber gasket of some sort wedged in newly installed toilet drain. Was totally stuck and camera showed location but would not budge. Jesse would not give up. I thought we were going to have to tear out the floor or ceiling downstairs to get to ...drain, but through his perseverance-and patience he was able to remove it. I highly recommend George Brazil Plumbing and especially their Drain specialist Jesse Barragan!Read More...

edgar fuentes
edgar fuentes 5.0

Great job. Very friendly

Farzad Abolfathi
Farzad Abolfathi 1.0

They did not give me a price over the phone for draining a pipe. Sure enough for snaking a pipe they wanted to charge $350. No thanks, waste of time.

John Friedeman
John Friedeman 5.0

Great people and great attitude

Carla R
Carla R 5.0

This is my first time going with this company and I and my husband would just like to say we were number one impressed with the old fashion customer service that we all love...very friendly cheerful and in this heat that’s something...Brad and Mike ...worked great together & were very concerned and respectful regarding the Covid-19 ...I’m so glad we decided to go with them...their professionalism was outstanding! Thanks again your company made a stressful situation ...un stressfulRead More...

Katie Serrato
Katie Serrato 5.0

kimberly ferrell
kimberly ferrell 5.0

George brazil is the only company I trust. They back up their work 110% I am extremely pleased.

Belinda Oswald
Belinda Oswald 5.0

H Howard
H Howard 5.0

Deb Wilkerson
Deb Wilkerson 5.0

We realized we had a leak with our water heater system. It was after 10 pm. We called George Brazil and they had a professional here within 30 min. Mike was great, very personable and knowledgeable. He was able to repair and replace and was done ...within less than an hour. Yes, we had to pay an after hours fee, but would have had to stay up all night to drain the bucket if not done this evening. Well worth the fee. Thank you, Mike!!Read More...

Carol Trinidad
Carol Trinidad 5.0

Wes Bakken
Wes Bakken 5.0

Ernesto, very nice and very up to date on installing our new water heater to code. Excellent workmanship on the plumbing and soldering. Work area was left in a clean condition.

D S 5.0

My plumbing technician Brad was professional, knowledgeable and gave quality 5 star customer service! Pleasantly surprised and will utilize this company in the future.

Mac Haddow
Mac Haddow 1.0

Called for HVAC service at my dad's house while he was in the hospital. Refused to look at the unit without the owner or a POA present. Very frustrating. Found prompt and honest service from a competitor.

Jane Kirk
Jane Kirk 5.0

This company is awesome. Thank you for making my plumbing issue painless.

Beth Widmer
Beth Widmer 5.0

George Brazil sent Brad Dahl to take care of our plumbing issues. He was so thorough and professional, that we will refer him to others. He took care of everything on our list and answered all our questions. He does quality work. We are very pleased.

Neal Pleasant
Neal Pleasant 5.0

Carl Bush
Carl Bush 5.0

Rose was very through and helpful in a professional way, She did not leave us with out cool air when we had high heat, and had to wait for are new a/c.

Timothy Harden
Timothy Harden 5.0

Called to get an estimate and received same day service. Brad was courtesy and gave me an exact breakdown of what was going happen with the replacement of my water heater. Once the job was complete Invoice and photos were promptly emailed. Even took the ...time to check make a quick adjustment another plumbing concern I had after installation of the hot water heater.Read More...

Rick Callahan
Rick Callahan 5.0

Tom and Daniel were dispatched to my house to fix a leak. THEY WERE EXCEPTIONAL! Service was excellent. I had called another company early in the day and was told the technician refused to go underneath my house to fix the leak. These guys did not have ...a problem! Can not say enough!Read More...

Marlene Leatherwood
Marlene Leatherwood 5.0

Jennifer Slaughter
Jennifer Slaughter 5.0

The technician that came out to fix our clogged main line was awesome. He was friendly, and went the extra mile for us to solve our clog. He let my 3 year old son help, too! He was so kind and professional.

terrie wilson
terrie wilson 5.0

the person that came to my house was on time, and very professional, also look like the picture presented before he arrived. they fixed my problem is short time due to talking with me on what has happen.

Dan Eaton
Dan Eaton 5.0

I am continually impressed with George Brazil. Situation: garbage disposal leaking out the bottom on a Friday night (Company coming to stay for the weekend). Home warranty has it covered; however, third party cannot come until Monday some time. ...Authorization to use George Brazil from the home warranty company. They were here within 25 minutes on a Friday night. DJ hooked up the new garbage disposal within 45 minutes. As far as I am concerned DJ and the team need a raise! What an amazing experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you! DanRead More...

A Ramirez
A Ramirez 5.0

Isis Medina
Isis Medina 5.0

The service provided by my technician Alec was the best experience I've ever had from professionalism, honest, timely and service done right. I was dealing with a special situation with my city and he made sure to handle all the calls to inspector made ...arrangements needed to help my process move quickly. Greatest experience ever!!!! Thank you ☺️Read More...

Emma Lorraine
Emma Lorraine 5.0

Excellent experience from start to finish - our technician Brad was one of the best people we've ever had work on our house, we trusted him completely and he was super kind and knowledgable during a really tough time with the problems in our house. ...Thanks!Read More...

David Beck
David Beck 5.0

Same day outstanding service. Quality workmanship. Very friendly and knowledgeable technician.

Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro 5.0

Rita L
Rita L 5.0

J R 5.0

Technician, Zach, was very professional, knowledgeable,, neat and polite. His workmanship was top notch. We were very happy with the results of his work.

Chris Hoban
Chris Hoban 5.0


Mike is EXCELLENT! Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. A true asset to the company!

Ariana Acosta
Ariana Acosta 5.0

Larry Booher, our plumber did an amazing job. He clarified any questions and concerns we had. He really helped us out! I would recommend this company. Most of all, I would highly recommend you asking for Larry as your plumber!

Ricky Hines
Ricky Hines 5.0

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 5.0

John Horvath
John Horvath 5.0

Brandon Werle
Brandon Werle 2.0

They'll do good work but gouge you worse than you'll ever understand. I had a grinder pump and check valve replaced by them 2 years ago, spent about 3k doing so. Started having issues recently and called them out to be told warranty was only one ...year. OK great. Turns out the check valve broke and needed to be replaced. They quote me $675 to replace it. I told them that is absolutely crazy, it was your work, paid all this money, yadayadayada. OK, come back with $50, best price. Told them no way, the dude was super cool and told me where I needed to go to get the part and how to put it in. I picked it up today, and literally replaced myself, no experience, in 5 minutes. Part cost $33. They wanted to charge me $600+ for 5 minutes of work, after having just charged me 3k 2 years ago. I will never trust these guys again, and you shouldn't either. Only went to 2 stars because the guy was cool and showed me what to do.Read More...

Teri Chiarelli
Teri Chiarelli 5.0

valentino lamaestra
valentino lamaestra 5.0

Tom and Daniel were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They gave me a good quote and that's what I paid. They even took away my old water heater for me. Would recommend George Brazil to everyone.

Shannon Glenn
Shannon Glenn 5.0

High marks for George Brazil and my technician Alec! I called them at 8:00 this morning for a quote on a small electrical job and Alec arrived an hour later. Prompt and professional, eager to help in any way. I will definitely call them for all my A/C, ...electrical and plumbing needs!Read More...

Jamie Yagodnik
Jamie Yagodnik 5.0

Needed a toilet replaced and they came on time, clean and professional. What else do you want from a company. 100% excellent.

Kenyon Morgan
Kenyon Morgan 5.0

Very quick response time!

Lindsay Ropchock
Lindsay Ropchock 5.0

Duane was absolutely wonderful. He explained all of the details and helped.us make an informed decision about the best repair for us. He worked efficiently and clean and did a fantastic job keeping us posted throughout the install. Definitely recommend ...this company to others.Read More...

Danna Schneider
Danna Schneider 5.0