We could tell you how great we are, but our customers do it better. Here’s what they have to say:

Jed Schenck
Jed Schenck 5.0

Joey H has been our plumbing tech on several jobs. We have also used George Brazil on other plumbing jobs, as well as other HVAC jobs. Like Joey, all the techs are very professional and very skilled. We highly recommend George Brazil, and we look forward ...to seeing Joey H again some other time.Read More...

Cindy Meza
Cindy Meza 1.0

Unfortunately both of my shower handles broke I bought new ones at Lowes but the shower handle wasn’t broken it was the cartridge. I called George Brazil because I was desperate and while they did a great job fixing my showers. I feel their prices are ...outrageous $760 was what I was charged for 2 cartridge replacements.. I looked online and the most expensive cartridge I found was about $50.. They were upfront about the price and I was desperate so I paid it.. but almost $800, I feel robbed.. anyway I’m treating my showers like gold now.. another thing I was disappointed about they don’t set a realistic appointment it’s just a 8am-5pm window..Read More...

Denis Okano
Denis Okano 5.0
Kathryn Apodaca
Kathryn Apodaca 5.0

Absolutely excellent!

Superstars Realty
Superstars Realty 1.0

Stated they won't work on my home. I have a townhome. No shared plumbing. They stated they no longer work on attached homes. I have had them work on many of my townhomes and condos. The Customer service staff is rude and very unprofessional.. I ...would fire the entire crew and start fresh.Read More...

Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 5.0

Great help

Zach Williams
Zach Williams 1.0

Overcharging and upselling innocent people will never use again even for an emergency. Everyone beware these are actually scam artists.

Mira 5.0

DJ was very professional and respectful. Broke down everything and gave us options. Worked very fast and clean. Great customer service and will recommend to everyone. This is the second time we have used them and they are amazing. Thank you DJ for your ...amazing and great service.Read More...

Jason Williams
Jason Williams 1.0

ZERO STARS ! This company just wants to get in your house so they can up sell you on more work that you don't need or want. The techs are paid on commission so they will find anything possible and tell you it is a code violation or emergency and needs to ...be fixed now . They talked my 75 year old mother into work that was not needed and charged 3x what a local plumber would charge . I called and talked to the vice president Josh Cook and all he said was " she signed the 6 page invoice , and these are market prices " before he laughed and hung up the phone on me . These people are used car salesman not plumbers . Do yourself a favor and call a local small shop plumber not this high pressure sales company (owner) call me to discuss the crazy high rates you charge - seeing how your vice president laughed at my complaint and hung up on meRead More...

Lord John
Lord John 1.0

Could not give pricing for clogged drain, so had to move on to competitor who could.