Prevent Costly Repairs and Power Outages. Get New Circuit Breakers Installed—Today

Circuit Breakers

Tired of your circuit breakers tripping constantly? They may have worn down due to age and Arizona’s oppressive heat. 

Bad circuit breakers need to be replaced ASAP because they protect your family from possible electrical fires and power outages caused by short circuits, grounded wires, or electrical overloads.

Think you need new circuit breakers? Request an installation appointment

Why choose George Brazil?

Get it done today
Our trucks are fully stocked, so we’ll always have the quality circuit breakers you need. 

100% satisfaction guarantee
All our work comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and a 1-year labor warranty. So If you discover a problem with our work within a year, we’ll fix it for free. 

60 years of experience
You’re not hiring a random Joe Schmo; you’re hiring a trained, licensed electrician that has George Brazil’s decades of electrical knowhow at their disposal. 

What to expect from your circuit breaker installation

Step 1: You get a consultation
As part of a consultation, your electrician will:

  • Ask you questions about your situation and home electrical needs
  • Inspect your circuit breakers and electric panel for issues
  • Determine if you actually need a new circuit breaker or if the problem lies elsewhere.  

Step 2: We install the circuit breaker(s) you need
If you do need new circuit breakers, we make sure to install the right size.

Circuit breaker size is vitally important to keeping you safe because:

  • A breaker that’s too small will trip constantly, wearing out sooner as a result. 
  • A breaker that’s too big will never trip—leaving you vulnerable to electrical fires. 

Step 3: Maintenance (optional)
Because of Arizona’s heat, circuit breakers (and your entire electric panel) should get professional maintenance at least once a year. Talk to us about our electrical maintenance plans.

How much does it cost for just the consultation?

The consultation costs $39.95.

But, if you decide to hire us, we'll apply the $39.95 as a credit toward your installation cost.