Whole-Home Rewiring Done Right

Rewiring a Phoenix home

Is your home 50+ years old? Do you have old school two-pronged outlets? Sounds like your home needs rewiring. And we can get it done in a clean and timely manner.


Why Choose George Brazil?

100% Peace of mind
All of our work comes with a 1-year labor warranty. So if you discover a problem with our work within a year, we'll fix it for free.  

100% Satisfaction guarantee
All of your home's electrical system will be brought up to code and George Brazil's exacting safety standards by the most qualified professional electricians in the valley.

60 years of experience
You're not hiring a random Joe Schmo; you're hiring a trained, licensed electrician who has George Brazil's decades of electrical knowhow at their disposal. 

What to expect from your whole home rewiring

Step 1: You get a consultation
As part of a consultation, your George Brazil electrician will determine whether your home actually needs rewiring or not. We’ll give you your options and estimate how much each of them would cost. 

Step 2: We rewire your home
Assuming your home needs rewiring, we’ll get started, finishing within 1 to 2 weeks. The timeframe depends on whether your home is occupied or not, how large your home is, and the type of construction.  

Step 3: Inspect
Once we’re done, we’ll coordinate with the municipality for a building inspector to come inspect our work, ensuring that it’s done to code. So you’re guaranteed to get quality work. 

Step 4: Repair and paint walls
At your request, we will have a drywall repair specialist fix your walls and paint them—so it’s like we were never even there. 

How much does it cost for just the consultation?

Whole home rewiring is a big job, so we understand that you may want to get a few estimates. The consultation costs $39.95.

But, if you decide to hire us, we'll apply the $39.95 as a credit toward the cost of rewiring your home.