Need Whole-Home Repiping in Phoenix, Arizona?

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“Speedy service and the job done right! Always friendly staff! I will definitely use this company again in the future if needed!”  - Sunny S. Phoenix, AZ

Signs your home needs repiping

  • Constant issues with leaking pipes throughout the home 
  • Your home has galvanized or polybutylene water pipes
  • Multiple issues with slab leaks

What’s included in this whole-home repiping service

Free consultation

We’ll send a plumber to your home to investigate your pipes so that you can get a free price quote for repiping your home.

Repiping the home

Replace your home’s old pipes with affordable PEX pipes, which resist scale build-up, a common problem in Arizona since we have “hard”, mineral-filled water
Post re-pipe, we’ll make your walls good as new with sheetrock and paint

Guarantees and warranties

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-year labor warranty 

How we price

Upfront, Flat-rate (not hourly)—After your consultation, you’ll know the price before any work begins. No surprises!

Final price is determined by:

  • Total number of fixtures
  • If we need to replace shower valves
  • If we need to replace all angle stops
  • The layout and type of home

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