Give Your Water a Softer Side

Water Conditioning System

A whole-house water conditioning system will soften your entire home’s hard water, preventing it from causing harmful scale build-up on your pipes, sediment build-up in your water heater, and a host of other annoying problems.

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Benefits of a whole-house water conditioning system

Your water is hard (full of minerals like dissolved calcium and magnesium). A whole-house water conditioning system will cause those dissolved minerals to stay suspended in water rather than attaching to your pipes and appliances in your Phoenix area home.

Here’s what that gives you:

  • Scale-free pipes, preventing corrosion
  • A prolonged lifespan for you water heater, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lower electricity bills since your water heater’s heating element won’t have sediment build up and therefore won’t need to run as long to heat the water
  • Sparkling drinking glasses with less hard water spots on dishes
  • Softer feeling hair and skin
  • Scum-free showers and bathtubs

Learn how the Flow-Tech home antiscale system works

The Flow‐Tech uses constant low frequency radio waves to stop scale buildup in your plumbing system by causing minerals to stick together and pass through and down the drain, instead of sticking to the plumbing system.  The descaling and prevention of scale buildup extends the useful life of water-using appliances, fixtures, water heaters, and saving you money. This green product uses as much energy as a light bulb, requires no maintenance, doesn't require regeneration or create waste water, all while saving you the hassle of lugging around heavy bags of salt.

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