Sump Pumps: Saving Your Home From a Watery Disaster

Sump Pumps Phoenix

If you have a basement, you need a sump pump. It’s not unusual for the monsoon season in the Phoenix area to bring torrential downpours. And when that happens, many Arizona homeowners experience the pain of a flooded basement.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Sump pumps automatically remove water from your basement as it comes in. But to work effectively, they must:

  • Be installed properly
  • Be the right size
  • Discharge the water in the right location

Whether you need one repaired or installed, George Brazil can take care of it.

Common sump pump problems we can repair

If your sump pump isn’t working, we can repair it. But we’ll go beyond just repairing or replacing the pump. We investigate the reason it stopped working in the first place, saving you the inconvenience of follow-up visits and more repairs.

Many sump pumps we run across stop working because:

  • They’re incorrectly sized. If the pump is too small, it will work too hard and eventually quit from the burden. If it’s too big, it’ll constantly shut off and turn on, wearing it out.
  • They haven’t been maintained. If the sump pump is not properly cleaned occasionally, it can start to clog, meaning it’s not getting enough water through the inside parts. This causes it to overheat and quit working.
  • The discharge isn’t designed correctly. Too long of pipes or too many turns in the discharge system can cause the sump pump to work too hard and burn up the motor. Also, the discharge needs to be located in such a way that the pumped out water doesn’t run back down to where it came from. (This is NOT unusual!)
Don’t let your beautiful home get ruined by something that can be easily avoided. Have one of our plumbers repair, replace or install your sump pump. Call us at 602-257-9000 or contact us online.
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