Get Quality Switches and Outlets Installed—Today

Motion Sensor Switches

Name any type of switch or outlet, and we can usually install it today (of course, large projects may take longer). 

One-day installation is easy since our electricians’ trucks are basically rolling warehouses.

Switches we can Install:

  • Standard toggle
  • Decora
  • 3-way
  • 4-way
  • Programmable digital timer switches
  • Remote switching
  • Motion detector
  • Disconnect switches for equipment 
  • And more. Just ask!

Outlets we can install:

  • Standard duplex
  • Decora
  • GFCI
  • Range
  • Dryer
  • Stove
  • Twist lock
  • USB
  • Tamper resistant
  • Built-in surge protector outlet
  • Remote controlled
  • Half hot
  • And more. Just ask!

Your color choices
All the above products can come in the standard colors of white, almond, or ivory. But we can also special order in a variety of custom colors and finishes.

Need to know the price to install? Then...

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Why choose George Brazil?

No backstabbing
“Backstabbing” is an installation method that pushes the wires into the back of switches and receptacles.  Backstabbed wires are more likely to come loose and—in the worse case scenario—start a fire. 

Instead of backstabbing, we use quality products with built-in screw terminals that anchor the wires, keeping you safe.

60 years of electrical experience
You’re not hiring a random Joe Schmo; you’re hiring a trained, licensed electrician that has George Brazil’s decades of electrical knowhow at their disposal. 

100% satisfaction guarantee
Our work comes with a 1-year labor warranty. So If, within a year, there’s a problem you see, we’ll fix it for free.