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Drain Repair & Sewer Line Repair Phoenix

Is your drain slow or completely stopped or do you have a slow drain? This could simply be a drain clog that needs cleaning or, if you can smell sewage in your home, it may be a sign of a bigger problem with your sewer lines.

As time goes on, the soaps, oils, food scraps, grease and other things you put down your drains can build up, making your drain slower and slower until it stops completely. The same can happen to your septic or sewer lines, as well.

George Brazil can help you return your drains and sewer lines back to their original glory.

Our Phoenix drain cleaning and Phoenix sewer cleaning services include:

  • Snaking and clearing clogged drains – We’ve got all the equipment to do battle with any clog blocking your drain.
  • Video line inspection – We send a video line down your drain so we know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.
  • Tree root extraction – A common sewer problem is tree roots in your main sewer line. Our tools and expertise can fix sewer lines with tree roots—without causing more damage.

Why Trust George Brazil Plumbers with Your Cleaning your Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning Needs?

When you’ve got a clogged drain, it’s usually an emergency, and your only concern is who can get there fastest, but that’s a mistake.

Most plumbers and drain cleaners try to clear the blockage without first understanding the problem. This can cause the cable to get stuck or cause more damage to the drain line, costing you, even more money and time.

We approach any drain repair or sewer line repair cautiously. Here’s what we do:

  • Run a cable down the line to clear out enough water to use our camera.
  • Run a sewer line camera and stoppage locator down the drain line to see what’s causing the problem and where.
  • Pick the best method of clearing the clog based on the problem. If it’s a “soft stoppage” (a buildup of junk), we run the cable and clear out the clog. If it’s tree roots, rocks or other difficult clogs, we create a plan to repair the sewer line without causing more damage.

Have a slow drain or need sewer line repair in Phoenix? Want to get rid or that sewer smell in your home?

Call the Phoenix area plumbing professionals with the expertise to help you. Call George Brazil Plumbing!

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“From the first phone call to the finished work, my experience with George Brazil Plumbing & Electrical was a delight.” Mary

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