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Woods Brothers Water Softeners

Wood Brothers is a plumbing supply company that offers a line of water softeners specifically designed for the water found in Arizona. These water softeners  are installed with an ion exchange system that can remove Calcium, Magnesium, iron, manganese, and other minerals from the water supply. This helps to protect pipes from corrosion, , reduce scaling from hard water, and makes it easier to clean dishes and clothes. In addition, these systems are easier to maintain than standard softeners since they require less salt and regeneration compared to most traditional softeners.


For homeowners in Arizona, these systems provide superior water softening capabilities that extend far beyond what standard water softeners can offer. They are capable of handling higher levels of Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals that are commonly found in Arizona’s water supply. Additionally, Wood Brothers’ systems are equipped with a High-Flow valve that helps increase the efficiency of water softening. 

While installation of these systems require a highly trained plumber, they are simple and straightforward. Wood Brothers water softeners come with a pre-programmed control valve, which simplifies the setup process.

Overall, Wood Brothers’ water softeners are an ideal solution for homeowners in Arizona who want superior water softening capabilities. They are designed to handle the specific mineral makeup found in Arizona’s water supply and are easy to install and maintain. With these systems in place, homeowners can enjoy cleaner, fresher water that is free from iron, hard metals, and other contaminants.


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