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Water Conservation for Arizonans 

Did you know that the average leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day according to the EPA? That can be up to 6,000 gallons a month! A leaky faucet can water up to 3000 gallons per year! Not only is this a serious waste of our most precious resource, but a huge waste of money as well. Water is becoming even more precious too! Read on, please!

In late August the federal government issued a Tier 1 Water Shortage Declaration for waters from the Colorado River Basin from which we draw much of our water. “For Arizona, a Tier 1 Shortage results in an estimated 30% reduction to Colorado River supplies delivered by the Central Arizona Project (CAP) to water users in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties according to AMWUA (Arizona Municipal Water Users Association). Currently the agricultural industry in Arizona will bear the brunt of this declaration.”

“A Tier 1 shortage does mean that municipal water providers will continue to do what they have done for decades. The cities will continue to plan, manage, conserve and invest in their water supplies and infrastructure to ensure they are prepared for any short-term or long-term challenges that may arise. A Colorado River shortage is just one of many scenarios the cities have planned for says the AMWUA.”

But in the era of climate change and drought we can’t sit back and hope that it’ll rain or that we’ll have a huge-deep snow pack in the mountains. As responsible citizens we need to do our part and conserve as much water (and energy for that matter) that we can. If the drought worsen or go on longer, which is anticipated, water restrictions may be ahead of us. By having a quick water audit of your home we can help you find ways to save water which also helps you save money. Simple things like replacing you showerhead with one the lets less water through, but still works and gives you and enjoyable shower are a good start. Replacing old water wasting 3.5 gal per flush toilets can make a dramatic difference in your water usage. And there’s more. Call George today and let us come do a quick water audit of your home to see where you can save.

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Water Saving Base Stats 

A family of four typically uses 75 gallons per person, per day including laundry (over the projected periods) or 300 gallons per day or 109,500 gallons per day. Note: This includes as stated, the laundry, but also water for cooking and cleaning but does not include outdoor water use which add 80 to 100 gallons more per day.

An average family of four using some, if not all, of the water saving products below could save approximately 119 gallons per day, or 43,435 gallons per year. This is a 40% savings in water usage per year.

Shower – 2.5 gpm to 2.0 gpm

10 minute shower saving 5 gallons per shower. Saving approximately 1,825 gallons of water per person in the household, per year taking only one shower per day. A family of four can save 7,300 gallons per year.

Faucet or aerator. 2.2 gpm to 1.5 gpm

Faucet running for 3 minutes while brushing teeth or washing up saving 2.1 gallons twice a day equals 4.2 gallons per day or 1,533 gallons per year per person in the household. A family of four can save 6,132 gallons per year.

Toilet – 3.5 gpf to 1.28 gpf

Each flush can save 2.2 gallons times five flushes per day, equals eleven gallons per day or 4,015 gallons per year per person. A family of four can save 16,060 gallons per year.

Toilet – 1.6 gpf to 1.28 gpf

Each flush can save .32 gallons times five flushes per day, equals 1.6 gallons per day or 584 gallons per year, per person in the household. A family of four can save 2,336 gallons per year.

Comfort System Pump

A three minute wait for hot water at a faucet can waste 7.5 gallons. Considering this could happen four times per day there is a 30 gallon waste of water per day or 10,950 gallons per year on average or more.

Reverse Osmosis 1:1 membrane

Most reverse osmosis membranes shed three to five gallons of waste water for each gallon of product water (drinking water). Typical R.O. systems go through two gallons per day or more for a family of four. This is a waste of eight gallons of water per day or 2,920 gallons per year. With the 1:1 membrane you will waste only two gallons of water per day for a water savings per year of 2,190 gallons.

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