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Using Bio-One, Bio-Clean, Etc. on Septic Tanks to Keep Them Working Right

Unclogging pipes

It is not uncommon for septic systems to have problems. Many people have found that using Bio-One or Bio-Clean on their septic systems will keep them functioning better. Bacteria must eat in order to survive. All matter is broken down and recycled into food for plants by bacteria and enzymes. When you use Bio-One or Bio-Clean in your septic tank, it uses the same approach when biodegrading vegetable waste and animal waste in sewer pipes.

Enzymes prepare bacteria’s food by breaking the larger molecules down into smaller sizes that the bacteria can easily consume. Each enzyme will attack a specific molecule. As an example, lipase will work on fats while protease works on protein. While Bio-Clean is in the container, the bacteria remain dormant. After you mix the Bio-Clean with water, they become active within half an hour.

The enzymes start breaking down the waste immediately upon contact, and they do so very quickly. After they have been revived, the bacteria are hungry and can consume its weight of waste every minute. They do this non-stop and never take a break. They start to multiply through cell division, and when conditions are right, they can double their quantity every 30 minutes.


Certain kinds of bacteria will eat grease, hair, organic waste, soap, and other things that may be clogging your septic system. When using Bio-Clean, it should be mixed with warm water – make sure it isn’t hot. When you use in in your septic system, you will not want to drain any water for 6 to 8 hours, so bacteria are given enough time to embed into the waste. That way, the bacteria will not be washed out the next time that you drain the water.

The Effectiveness of Bio-Clean

Every spoon-sized amount of Bio-Clean contains millions of bacteria, and each will consume its weight of waste every 60 seconds. With the bacteria doubling in number every 30 minutes, multiplying then spreading through the entire septic system. If your septic lines have a clog, which is biodegradable, then Bio-Clean can help remove it. If the clog isn’t something caught in the trap but consists of an extensive section of pipe that clogged with grime, it may take several days for the bacteria to make its way through several feet of pipe.

When the clog takes up several feet of pipe, a professional plumber will need to use a mechanical cable, such as a snake, to remove the clog and restore the proper flow. Afterwards, Bio-Clean can be used to remove the remaining buildup of any waste that could cause a clog. When you perform routine maintenance that includes adding Bio-Clean in your septic system, you can prevent future problems caused by new build-ups and clogs.

The Timeframe For Results From Bio-One or Bio-Clean

When you use Bio-Clean or Bio-One, you should not expect to see results within a matter of minutes. While there are people who see results in a day or so, almost everyone adding Bio-Clean or Bio-One will see results within a three-week timeframe. How long it takes to work effectively depends on the kind of material causing the clog, and the length of your sewer lines. If the clog is soap residue or grease, it will dissolve much more quickly than hair, which will take the longest to clear out.

After you pour a one-quart mixture of Bio-One or Bio-Clean into your toilet, you should not flush the commode for about 8 hours. The mixture that you pour into the commode will push a quart of water with mixture into the stack. The bacteria and enzymes in the mixture that leaves the bowl will deposit itself on the coating inside the sewer lines. In the next few hours, the enzymes and bacteria will then deposit themselves in the grungy mixture so the next time the toilet flushes, the enzymes and bacteria will not be flushed on out. That way, they can keep working.

How A Plumber Can Help

If you are experiencing clogs in the sewer line, you should speak with a professional plumber. A plumber can help you fix the problem and will be able to run a snake or cable through the sewer line. If the problem is too challenging for Bio-Clean to take care of, your plumber will know the best approach at getting your septic system working up to par.


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