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Pipe Lining – What Are The Features and Benefits?

Everyone deserves to live happy and comfortable at home. But as any experienced home improvement lover will tell you, there’s a big difference between a touch of home repair, and taking action that prevents a lot of tough work later down the line.


It’s the same with the pipes in your home. Keeping things flowing smoothly is one thing – but pipe lining can also help you make sure you’re keeping your home free of any further upheaval and disruption in the future.


Here are some advantages to keep in mind when you’re considering pipe lining for your home or business plumbing.

What does pipe lining involve?

Typically, if a pipe in your home springs a leak or suffers corrosion, it’s a case of digging it out and replacing it. With pipe lining, you skip that disruptive process. Essentially, pipe lining involves

adding an extra layer of epoxy, resin or other material into the interior of an existing pipe.


It’s faster and more efficient than replacing a pipe wholesale. Even the most smartly designed pipe networks in any building can suffer damage and corrosion – be that from water, sulfur, chlorine or oxidization.

With that in mind, how does pipe lining help keep your plumbing in good working order?

Pipe lining helps fix damage and decay

Whether the pipes in your home are metal or plastic, pipe lining can help. Metal pipes can rust or suffer damage over time, while plastic pipes can suffer cracks and fractures brought on by changes in temperature or extremes in the elements.


Left unattended, these issues can stack up fast. A pipe secretly leaking can add plenty of dollars to your water bills, while liquids getting into the foundations of your property can cause problems with damp, mold and plenty worse.


Replacing a pipe that’s causing this level of harm, by digging it up or pulling it out of the walls or floors, takes up time, energy, space in the home and – oftentimes – adds a hefty bill for your trouble.


Pipe lining avoids all that drama. A layer of new material plugs any gaps in your existing pipework, while also smoothing over cracks and keeping everything flowing nicely.

Pipe lining protects your plumbing

Pipe lining also comes highly recommended as a preventative measure. By making sure the inner walls of your home’s pipework are coated with a new layer of robust material, you’re essentially staying a step ahead of the game.


That’s because influences like sunshine, humidity and the effects of the elements all play a part in affecting the lifespan of your home’s pipes. A few tiny cracks are all it takes to have damp seeping into your home.


Line them in advance? Let those elements do what they do – the integrity of your pipes and the efficiency of what moves through them won’t be affected.

Get expert advice on pipe lining

No need to feel intimidated when it comes to pipe lining and other issues around the home. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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