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Different Bidet Toilet Seat Options for Your Bathroom

Toto S350 Bidet

Bidet Type Toilet Seats

There are several benefits to having a bidet toilet seat. It will save you money because it reduces the need for toilet paper. With less toilet paper use, it reduces the negative impact on the environment. Using less toilet paper will also reduce plumbing problems by cutting down on clogged septic lines. When you use a bidet instead of toilet paper, it will improve skin care and is more comfortable to use while improving hygiene.


There are plenty of options when it comes to bidet type toilet seats. These toilet seats come in different price ranges and have varying options. You should determine which of the bidet type toilet seats best suits your needs and expectations. Here is a rundown of some of the top sellers:

  • Toto is the leading manufacturer of bidet toilets seat. Toto manufacturers everything from entry level with warm water, heated seat and air-dry, to the high-end lighted, auto-opening, water and air temperature control with oscillating and pulsating nozzle for a more thorough cleansing. Some also have with self-cleaning and hand held remote to control functions for even more convenience.
  • The Kohler Novita BH series toilet seats have high-end features, such as an LED night light, warm water, a deodorizer, and motorized lid and seat. High-quality, solid, and durable, it has a metallic chrome finish across the back. There is a backlight on the remote control, it has above average spray pressure, and there is an automatic lid. It has a three-year Kohler warranty.
  • The Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss can accommodate individuals up to 400 pounds. It features endless warm water with a strong enema function, deodorizer, dryer, and a stainless steel nozzle. It has a three-year warranty, and it is known for offering superior spray pressure compared to other bidet seats.
  • The Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat is a mid-range product, and is popular because of its value, reliability, and solid performance. It features a sturdy lid, an LED night light, and has quiet operation. It has a slim design that allows it to fit with many of the most popular one-piece toilet seats. It offers convenience with shortcut buttons on the remote, and it has an above average spray pressure. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

What To Look For In A Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto A100 Bidet

Before choosing a bidet seat, you will need to make sure your toilet is compatible. While most residential commodes will work, there are some one-piece toilets that could cause issues for bidet toilet seats and not be compatible. When you are installing a bidet seat, you will need a water source and a standard 15A GFCI outlet.

There are various features available, such as heated seats, front wash, rear wash, deodorizers, warm air dryers, and different pressure sprayers. You need to review all the different options then decide which options best suit your needs.

The Installation Process

You will want to make sure your bidet seat is properly installed. It should come with detailed instructions that explain the entire process. Sometimes the installation process may be a bit complicated. If you are confused about the installation process, or if you have concerns, you should contact a licensed plumber in your area to handle the project. A plumber can also help you determine which seat would work best for your needs and which seat is compatible with your commode.

Toto Bidet

It will need to be connected to the electrical and water supplies, and you will need to make sure everything is functioning properly when the installation is complete. To learn more about bidet type toilet seats, or to have one installed, call your plumber. When you entrust the task to a plumber, you know it will be done to specification and everything will be working properly. You want to get years of quality service from your purchase, and your plumber will help you ensure that everything is at its optimal performance level.


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