Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking - Drain Cleaning

2019 Jan 07
Posted in: Plumbing

Homeowners should regularly clean their sewer line’s main drain. This maintenance will help you avoid sewer backups. It isn’t uncommon for tree roots to grow into the sewer. Cleaning will also get tree roots out of the pipe. It is also just a good way to stay updated about the sewer lines condition. When it comes to cleaning the sewer line, you have two options. Plumbers and drain cleaners will use hydro jetting or snaking. By understanding the differences between these two processes, you can better choose the right method for your specific home needs.

What is Hydro Jetting?

To hydro jet, a very forceful stream of water is forced into the sewer line. This water usually ranges from 1,500 to 3,500 PSI. The force of this water has enough power to clear any clogs or debris out of the way, including the hard to get stuff, such as hair, grease, and tree roots.

There are two main advantages to choosing hydro jetting:

  • The services are versatile when the PSI is high enough. Water pressure can be strong enough to clear out not only domestic sewer lines but commercial lines as well.
  • It is also very effective. Using high water pressure is an effective approach for keeping a clean sewer line and for getting the debris and gunk out of clogged sewers. When the jet is strong enough, the water can remove tree roots that have grown into the sewer line. Below is a before and after of what hydro jetting can do for you.



There is a disadvantage of hydro jetting that stand out:

  • If the water pressure is too high, it can cause damage to some pipes. Hydro jetting can work almost too well in some situations, and older, fragile pipes or pipes with damage might not withstand the force of the powerful water stream.

What is Snaking?

An auger is used for snaking. Resembling a long steel cable with a coil-shaped like a corkscrew at the end, an auger is inserted into the sewer line so the coil at the end will pierce the obstructions it finds in the line, clearing a path.

Advantages of Snaking

There are a couple of advantages to using snaking. Here are some reasons people opt for this approach:

  • It has been proven effective time and time again, so it is a time-tested proven approach for clearing clogs from sewer lines.
  • It won’t damage pipes that are fragile because it is relatively gentle, so older pipes aren’t at risk.

There is a disadvantage to the snaking approach:

  • When you use snaking, the path is only cleared out the size of the auger. While it is effective for clearing basic clogs, it is only a temporary fix for many problems.

Choosing the Right Method for Cleaning Your Sewer Line

Both approaches can effectively clear out basic clogs and help with drainage speed, but hydro jetting is much more powerful and versatile. Hydro jetting removes clogs and reduces the natural grease build-up and the minerals that line all sewer line interiors. Whether a sewer is blocked completely, or just slow at draining, hydro jetting will work in all situations.

So, for most situations, hydro cleaning would be recommended by a professional plumber. You should specifically talk to your plumbing professional about your situation to ensure that your sewer lines are up to par and to avoid the horrible problems that could result from clogs and situations where the problems aren’t properly attended to.

Can I Avoid Cleaning My Sewer Line?

Regardless of how careful you are and how attentive you are to your plumbing network, you will still need to regularly have your sewer line cleaned. It is only normal for grease and minerals to build up at your main sewer drain. Without proper maintenance and regular cleaning, then you will start to notice problems, such as slower draining, the need to repeatedly flush your toilet, and even sewer backups.

The key to prevention is to have your sewer drain inspected regularly by a licensed plumber and have them clean it to prevent situations that could be costly, messy, and time-consuming. A regular sewer inspection and cleaning can help you avoid stress and trouble in the long run. In the Phoenix area, call (602) 257-9000 to speak with one of the experienced plumbers at George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical. Offering 24-hour service since 1955, George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical will determine the best approach for addressing your sewer drain needs.