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How to Make a Toilet Flush Better

2018 Nov 26
Posted in: Plumbing

If you are encountering times when flushing your toilet once isn’t enough to get the job done, you might decide it is time to figure out how to make a toilet flush better. Toilet designs have not changed much throughout the years. Many toilets have a storage tank on the back. This tank holds water up past the flapper. When the toilet is flushed, the flapper raises to release fresh water – which enters the toilet bowl before going down the drain. There are a several different things that might affect your toilet’s flushing pressure, including holes that are clogged around the toilet bowl rim or a low tank water level. Here are some quick and easy ways to fix the problem and make your toilet flush better. 

Tips for Making Your Toilet Flush Better

The Water Valve

A valve attached to the floor or wall near the toilet’s back feeds water to the toilet. Make certain that this valve is fully on for it to perform at its best. Some models might need only a quarter turn to be fully open while others need several full turns for it to open fully. If the water valve is partially closed, the tank’s fill performance is negatively impacted. 

Water Level

The tank’ must be set at the right level for the toilet to flush properly. You will need to take the lid off the tank so you can check the water level and make certain it is about an inch lower than the overflow tube, which is located in the tank’s middle section. Here's a diagram of the toilet's tank.

If you find that the water level is lower, you will need to adjust the float until the water is at a higher level. If your toilet has a ball float, turn the fill valve screw clockwise until the water level is satisfactory. If your toilet has a float valve that is cylinder shape attached to its fill valve you will need to squeeze the float’s clip and then lift the float up slowly until the tank water reaches the proper level. 

Clogged Rims

The water from the tank into the bowl through some small holes that are located on the rim’s underside. If debris, such as lime, clogs these holes, then the water is unable to enter the toilet bowl with the force that is necessary. Take a small mirror to check the underside of the rim of the toilet bowl. You should check these holes to see if there is possible clogging. Use a small nylon brush and brush the area vigorously to get rid of any potential clogs and to increase the flush performance of your toilet. 

Clean the Toilet

You can clean the toilet thoroughly using bleach. You need to make sure you turn off the water supply to the toilet before you use this approach. The water supply valve should be located on a tube that comes out of the floor or the wall. Turn the valve knob to the right and shut the water off completely. Next, you will need to pour a whole gallon of water into the toilet bowl, leaving it to sit for about 20 minutes maximum. After the bleach has sit a while, go flush the toilet. This will let the bleach naturally maneuver through the toilet system, slowly removing any blockages that have reduced your toilet’s efficiency when flushing. You can turn the water supply on again, so the tank can refill. Flush the toilet a few times over the next half hour, so it will wash the bleach on through the toilet system and unclog any blockages that your toilet might have. Here's an inside look of what the toilet bowl looks like.

Other Kinds of Toilets

If your toilet’s flushing power still is adequate, you should consider purchasing a new toilet that has a different design – one designed to provide more power. One option is a pressure assist toilet that contains a bladder to hold water when it's under pressure. While these units are more expensive than traditional toilets, they do have a flush that is much more powerful. Another option is vacuum assist toilets. These contain a plastic tank that can create suction inside the tank as water is released, which then sucks water out of the toilet bowl. Either of these different toilet options can provide you with much more flushing power than the traditional toilets that are used most often.  

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