Five Things to Never Throw Down Your Drain

2019 Apr 25
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We have all experienced plumbing issues at one time or another. We are also aware that there are some things that should never be flushed down a toilet or sent down the drain because although it makes its way down, the time will come when there is a serious issue with the plumbing system that must be resolved. While there are a lot of things that should never be sent down a drain, there are five things that plumbers are quick to point out that should never go near the drain, or you will be needing help before you know it.

Don’t Send These Five Things Down Your Drain

Potato Peels: If you have a garbage disposal, or even if you are working at your kitchen sink, food scraps are going to be there, and you will need somewhere for them to go. Put them in the compost pile. Potato peels are one of the biggest culprits for clogged drains. While garbage disposals grind everything up, that isn’t the case with potato peels. Vegetable peels are often tough, and get caught up in the drain, causing you serious problems. You should be careful with any fruit or vegetable peels and you would be better off throwing them in a compost pile.

Grease: Many people consider grease to be a liquid, so they assume it will go down the drain without problem. It is either poured down the sink drain, or it is flushed down the toilet. The pipes are cold, so when the grease goes down into them, it will solidify and then clog up the pipe. It will become extremely difficult to remove because it sticks tightly to the inside of the pipes. Sometimes even a snake won’t get it out and it requires intensive work, such as digging and getting into the pipes. While it is recommended you just put grease into a trash bag, wait until it cools, or the hot grease could cause the trash bag to catch fire.

Eggshells: While you think crushed eggshells are fine and will easily go down the drain, you will find out that approach isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Pun inteded. wink The shell has hard, sharp edges that will collect other things that come down your drain, and it will end up causing a major blockage that will need attention.

Flour: Never send flour – even in small amounts – down the drain or through the garbage disposal. Flour coagulates when it gets with water, after all, that is how it used for cooking many dishes. The flour will coat the insides of your pipes and then it will catch other things as they come down the pipes. Regardless of whether your flour has been mixed with water, or if it is just plain, make sure it goes into the trash can and not the drain.

Rice and pasta: Putting rice and pasta down the drain is not smart. If you run the garbage disposal, rather than breaking up the food, it turns it into a thick paste that can easily clog the drain. You definitely need to throw that into the trash rather than in the sink!

Take Care Of Your Drains With The Help Of A Plumber

While there are many things that you should never send down a drain, these are five culprits that are known to cause major problems. Of course, at one time or another, everyone is bound to experience a clog in their home’s plumbing that requires the attention of an expert. If you have a clogged pipe in the Phoenix area, call George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical to have the root of the problem resolved.

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